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Some family things going on here, friends.

1.  It is my dad’s birthday.

Happy birthday, Dad! IMG_2737

How you managed to survive this long with such a gaggle of girls (okay, women now) around you, I will never know.  But here you are!

You tried to instill a sense of athleticism in all of us from a young age, but realized that you failed miserably in most of us (all of us?) but have been able to rally and become our biggest fan at our concerts and shows and blog posts.


From knock-down, drag-out fights over tank tops and computer time to a steady stream of boyfriends, breakups, fiancés, and weddings…you’ve made it.  But you’re only halfway done with the wedding part (good luck!).

So here’s to the next many, many years (even though you try to give me heart attacks by making death jokes all the time)–happy birthday!

2) You’ve seen one of my younger sisters, Kristen, on here many times.  Here she is with her perfectly compact brindle dog, Gil:

IMG_2823Well, her beloved (by all) boyfriend Brian of many years (who recently graduated Ranger school, by the way) was deployed to Afghanistan a few days ago.

IMG_2936Prayers for him and for her would be appreciated.

IMG_2938I can’t even imagine what it feels like to be in that position (his or hers), and I know many of you have probably experienced similar times.  Any words of wisdom?

IMG_2947What a handsome couple, though, am I right?

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  1. Caitlin

    Wishes for a safe return home. I can’t begin to imagine it for either of them either.

  2. Sabine

    I have a friend who’s husband was deployed to Iraq twice. It’s tough … but she will make it with the support of your family (and you guys seem to be a pretty cool, loving team) and he will make it knowing she loves him and he has all of you backing him up. All the best!!!

  3. Julie

    Having been through this a few times (Hubby was in the Army for 23 years) you have to do three basic things.

    1. Keep in touch. As much as you can. However you can. Isn’t Skype great? Care packages are a must!
    2. Keep your family around you. He has Unit family with him to help keep him going, and family at home, you have your family and probably his too. The extra support is great through the hard times and the good times too!
    3. Stay focused on the here and now. Don’t dwell on the separation (I know it is easier said then done) or you will drive yourself crazy. Focus on today, tomorrow and the future when he will be coming home.

    I always found that the first month and last month were the hardest. The in between was just “in between”. Family kept me sane and mail/email with him kept me connected.

    Good luck, keep safe and stay sane!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      wow…kudos for you, and I appreciate your advice. the “just in-between” idea makes so much sense.

  4. Jamie Tschirhart

    I will be praying for him and her, and your family as you grow through this. I would also like to let you know what a joy it is to read your blog. Keep going!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      thank you!

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