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What We’ve Been Up to Lately

I received a really sweet and honest email from a reader a few minutes ago, and it inspired me to check in and say “hi” in a few minutes of downtime.  I have a few minutes until Fritz gets back from a very important errand (it involves ice cream) (nope, not pregnant!), and since the cats are busy chasing each other back and forth and sliding willy nilly on our apartment’s hardwood floors (funniest thing since…well, sliding cats are pretty funny), this seemed the opportune time.

So this’ll just be a picture-heavy post of our last few weeks.

First and foremost, Fritz graduated dental school!  And not to brag or anything (actually, totally bragging), he won four awards for overall awesomeness in everything that he worked so hard for.  I am very, very proud.


His family and my family all joined us in Long Island for a long (good long, not bad long) weekend celebration, and it was awesome.  It was his sister’s birthday (the big 3-0!) and our 4th anniversary that weekend, too, so lots of fun times to have together.

Also, his sister caught a frisbee with more grace than anyone ever has before. Ever.


We spent some great times with our friends before we moved–some of the Long Island crew:


And our original best Long Island friends who now live in another state…and had the cutest baby boy of all time:


We managed to have some good times with my family in Syracuse, too.


What a weird and wonderful group, huh?


Then we finally got down to moving!  Here’s some apartment/cat pics (these are mostly–okay, all–from Instagram, so if you follow me there then you’ve seen these already).

So nice to be back in CNY/WNY:


Our bedroom, with a wheel I pestered my dad relentlessly to give (ahem, lend) me from some old farm equipment in the barn:



Fritz rebuilding some of our furniture:


Cats, galore:



Gallery wall Fritz hung over our couch (it looks a lot better with the rest of the living room in the picture, and when you see how much of the wall it actually takes up):


I’ve already started at my new job (I work primarily with babies and preschoolers) and have lots of settling in and scheduling to still figure out.  It always takes so long to get accustomed to a new job, but I’m starting to feel a little less freaked out and slightly more comfortable.

I do miss my old co-workers, too.

So far we are loving Rochester, even though it has rained non-stop for what feels like at least a year.  I know that we’ll feel even more at home once we have some friends here (hello…Rochesterites?).

Anyway, Fritz just made it back with my ice cream (cookie dough, of course) so it’s time for a movie date and some photo editing.  Hopefully I’ll be back more regularly (though probably never again daily!) in a few weeks.

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  1. Chris @ Shared Appetite

    Congrats on the move up to Rochester! Glad you gave us an update :) Have you checked out Dinosaur BBQ yet? That’s the only restaurant I know in Rochester, haha!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      Well I grew up in Syracuse, home of the original Dinosaur BBQ so I have been there plenty of times! (And yes, as good as you’ve heard!)

  2. Florence

    Really, really happy to read you again. I missed you a lot and of course your recipes and your cats. It’s a real pleasure to read you. Have a nice day. And big kisses to Emmerson and Henry.

  3. Florence

    Sorry, I forgot your husband, congratulation for his graduation ! He must be very happy .

  4. Nuts about food

    Sounds like you had some really good reasons not to post. Congrats for all the big steps the two of you have been taking lately!

  5. Cait

    Miss you guys!!! Love these updates :) Can’t wait to get up there and see your adorable new apartment!

  6. teresa

    so strange that i found your blog quite a while ago and dropped it into my food bookmarks bar (and it kind of got lost among the mix). imagine my surprise when i came back to check out what it was all about and… you have moved to rochester! my husband and i have moved to the suburbs of rochester, but lived there for years! (we are about 20 mins away now).

    it is a great city for food! you should check out the owl house (right off monroe ave) for american fare with a good amount of local ingredients. the head chef is a dear friend and a culinary genius.

    if you want to take a little drive, i would consider heading south to naples and checking out roots cafe/inspire moore winery. their food is incredible and the wine is delicious too!

    also, on sunday mornings there is a really great farmers market in Brighton (which is right outside the city). lots of great vendors. lots of organic vendors. and a great selection of food trucks!

    *forgive me if you already know about all of these things… just thought i would share some aspects of the area that food obsessed me loves!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      You are the second place to recommend Owl House (and we live very close by) so I’ll definitely be checking it out, and the winery recommendations are GREAT because I’ve been missing my favorite wineries on Long Island and want to find some new ones! So far we are really enjoying the move, thanks so much!

  7. Cara @ 1veggie

    Lauren – I actually love that you changed the blog up. Change is such a good thing some times. Life changes, you know? I will still look forward to your gorgeous food shots, but I love the kitty shots too. I have three fat cats here that are black and difficult to photograph (they look like blobs – and seriously, one of em’ is 25 lbs!), so I’m jealous of that luscious grey fur! I had to comment on this post because I really, really, really miss Wegmans. Can you have a burrito for me? Shop in the biggest tea aisle ever in my honor? Get a jar of Woodstock pickles that I’ve never been able to find anywhere else? Get some Whole In the Wall Pesto from good ol’ Binghamton that is sold at Wegmans? I hear there is a Wegmans coming to a town near Boston, but it is still kind of a haul with Boston traffic. Nevertheless, I’ll make the trip out there from time to time if these rumors are true. Go Upstate NY. :)

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      ugh black cats are SO hard to photograph! I will do all of those wegmans related things for you with pleasure!

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