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Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Hey!  It’s been so long since I’ve dropped by that my own blog doesn’t even recognize me–I had to sign in and remind my laptop to keep me logged in.  I haven’t even been around to delete the weird fact-filled spam comments I’ve got a million of lately.


There are so many things racing around in my mind right that I don’t even know where to start.  If I’m not going to blog as frequently, I may have to start keeping a real life paper diary, cheap gold key and all.

Perhaps a list to keep us all organized?

  1. When I wrote my blog post about stepping back and not blogging as often as I was, some of you guys wrote me some really awesome stuff.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It made me feel loved, and it made me want to keep blogging.
  2. Carrot Cake Cupcakes.  I’ve used this carrot cake recipe (completely unaltered) since I learned how to use the internet.  Sam, wherever you are, thank you.  You paved the way to my in-laws hearts when I made (and even when I slightly over baked) this cake for my father-in-law’s birthday.  Just bake for less time when making cupcakes (20 minutes or so?  I can’t exactly remember).  I shall continue to put pictures of these throughout the entire post. IMG_2105
  3. For some reason “throughout” just looked so wrong to me, but I Googled it and we’re all good.IMG_2081
  4. Since I last wrote in this blog, I have been offered (and accepted!) a new job in Rochester, finally working exclusively with kids!  Should be a drastic change that I hope I am ready for.
  5. We also put a deposit on an apartment right in the middle of downtown.  I think it’ll be fun to be able to walk to bars and restaurants–and try my hardest not to live like my inner geriatric cat lady tells me I should (nougat, anyone?).IMG_2090
  6. I struggle a lot with anxiety, especially when there’s a big change (even a positive one) lurking around the corner.  Even silly things that really don’t matter (Should I book a flight? Should I drive? What day should I take off work?  Will they think I’m taking off too many days?  Maybe I should take off another day if I plan on driving.  Don’t I kind of deserve a vacation?  Why do people always think they deserve things?  Will I have time to make that cake I said I’d make?  How much should I charge?  What if I can’t remember which chocolate cake recipe I used and liked last time?  What if they don’t like it?  Are they expecting some crazy professional cake?  Is this tape strong enough to hold the box closed after it’s packed?  Is so-and-so mad at me?  Did I say something awkward or accidentally not invite someone to something?) are constantly wheeling around in my head.  Most days I am excellent at ignoring it all.  Other days I come home and watch thirteen episodes of Chopped because I don’t know which thought to start acting on.
  7. Irish breakfast tea.IMG_2097
  8. Why in God’s name would a makeup (poll: makeup, make-up, make up?) company ruin a perfectly respectable product by calling it a “Chubby Stick”!??1?!  I love it but can never buy it again without feeling like a creepy ex-frat boy trying to be relevant and cool.IMG_2092
  9. I’ve been trolling Pinterest for ideas to decorate our new apartment, and a lot of it revolves around painting some furniture.  A project I’m excited about but kind of dreading is painting a kitchen table and chairs.  Excited to have real chairs (oh yes, we currently have stools), but so not looking forward to sanding all those legs.  Any success stories to motivate me?IMG_2085
  10. Henry and Emerson’s honeymoon phase is over.  They are definitely no longer best friends, but can still tolerate each other for the most part–until 5:30 in the morning and at night (an hour before they eat).  Then Henry runs around hissing at Emerson and smacking him in the face as if Emerson is a one-cat brigade standing in between his breakfast/dinner.  Emerson is too laid back to care at the moment.

Shaky cat truce:



Menacing death trot:


Anyway, I have a book and a mug of tea calling my name.  What’s going on inside your brain today?


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  1. Jenny

    I have a similar nagging list of worries lately…and u know that incolves my closed door policy and Taco Bell for dinner…I think the remedy for us both is some tea and a movie that needs to be read, maybe even holed up on the couch due to a thunderstorm that I pretend not to be terrified of…just some random ideas of possible remedies. Miss u

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      It’d be great if Obama would stop by with a rousing speech. Miss you too, Jenny. I also pretend not to be terrified of thunderstorms.

  2. Florence

    Very happy to read again. Miss you, you, yours stories, yours recipes and, of course Henry and Emerson. Love read you, it’s always a pleasure. Have a nice day.

  3. Hannah

    Lauren your posts are a great way to start the day. I also am afraid that senseless angst (I love that word) is inherited…or maybe just a sex linked trait (there’s a little bio for you). You should also fly home, borrow my car to go to Rochester and cut yourself a little slack. Maybe I should take the day off and go with you. Hmmm…..

  4. Chris @ Shared Appetite

    “Other days I come home and watch thirteen episodes of Chopped because I don’t know which thought to start acting on.” That made me actually laugh out loud, because sometimes I’ll do the same exact thing. So much stuff to do and that my brain is telling me to do, but my body is saying… Couch. Ted Allen. Mystery Basket. Must Watch.

  5. Sara

    Congrats on the peds job!! You will love it! I totally feel you about having anxiety about change and not knowing where to start. Hang in there and keep blogging!! I love your blog and your recipes.

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      I’m excited to start! and thanks for commenting :)

  6. Susan

    Killer cupcakes … perhaps a metaphor for life and its worries … peel one cupcake at a time and eat it, chew it up good, swallow it and swig some milk along with … there that’s one worry (oops! cupcake!) conquered. Cover the plate and leave it for tomorrow (or at least later!). Then, choose one more cupcake and take care of that one … life’s too short and your belly’s to small to eat/ponder too much at one time.

    As for painting chairs? Do yourself a favor and don’t. You’ll bitch and moan every time you ding the leg with the vacuum cleaner and chip the paint with the grommets on the back of your jeans or have a kid who decides to teeth on the edge of the seat or, or … this wisdom after forty years of married life and raising children … just sayin’.

    Now, if your goal is ‘distressed furniture, have at it, but wait until you can sand and paint in the back yard – this from the woman who painted her kitchen cabinets one summer … ugh

  7. Eileen Cuisine

    Never tried carrot desserts, but looking at your pictures, I can’t stop thinking about making them soon!

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