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Home Sick

I’m home sick today with a stomach bug, though I’m now feeling much better and ready to return to the real world (though perhaps not real food until tomorrow).

What is it about ginger ale and saltine crackers that make you feel so much better when you are home sick?  I never drink soda (just not one of my many weaknesses) but as soon as my stomach was in knots I sent Fritz a plaintive text pleading for him to stop at the store on the way home.

I made a split pea and lentil soup that I’ll post tomorrow or the next day, but today I don’t feel like editing all those pictures and trying to make a greenish-brown tureen of soup look tasty (though, I can promise, it is!).

Instead, I want to talk about what is one of my favorite moments of the year.  With the change of every season, I declare that this one is my favorite–and the end of winter is certainly not the best weather.  But is there anything more hopeful?  Every day that it gets warmer by a degree or two, or it stays light a few minutes longer, I have so much anticipation building for spring.

As soon as I realize that what feels like perpetual snow and icy weather is ending, I get incredibly nostalgic.  Probably because spring has always been a season of so much change in my life (graduating, getting married and moving to Long Island, graduating PT school, and then Fritz graduating dental school this year), I want to really savor those last few moments of winter before embracing change all over again.

The most basic of ways to finish out the last few weeks of winter is to make some of those hearty dishes that you just can’t get away with once it’s hot outside.  Here’s a few that I found around the web that I can’t wait to make:

  1. Chocolate Krantz Cake by The Patterned Plate 
  2. Tiramisu Charlotte by Bake & Bait
  3. Boeuf Bourguignon by Foodess (or Julia Child, obvy)
  4. Cappelletti Pasta with Duck Broth by Hunter Angler Gardner Cook

Comfort food to cushion embracing new changes.  In the best way.


Also, there’s a cat on my lap and one at my feet (and they are officially best of friends, as evidenced below).


Also, I am not pregnant.  Just nostalgic, and full of saltines.

I wanted to post a photo of the melktert that I made the other day, because it was just so pretty (and Fritz is almost done eating the last pie)–even though the shortbread crust was not my best success, to say the least.  You’ll see them again soon, with a recipe, once I redeem myself.

IMG_0981Last but not least, here’s a picture I dredged up from the depths of my MacBook yesterday.  I took them with Fritz’s adorable cousin Nina while we were in South Africa, and completely forgot about them!  How adorable is that Jack Russell puppy?

4-up on 8-15-12 at 6


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  1. Florence

    I hope you’re well today. Thanks for those beautiful pictures.Your blog is so pleasant,I’m serene when I read you and see your recipes and ,of course Henry and Emerson.Bonne journée.

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