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Peppermint Marshmallows

I went wine tasting with my family last week, and let me tell you, we got a dry Gewürztraminer that I’ve been dying to drink.  I’m pretty sure I envisioned this glass at least ten times today, and guess what?  I’m having it right this second and it is so right with my world.

I’m also watching the first Harry Potter movie for the 396305th time while I write this.

I may have a problem (a Harry Potter problem, not a drinking problem).  Long day.  Long week.  Delicious wine.

Anyhoo (which, please note, I say ironically, because it is so obnoxious when people say anyhoo in real life, isn’t it?), I finally got around to making marshmallows that I’ve been storing in the back of my mind since last Christmas.

Peppermint marshmallows.

I’m not a huge peppermint eater when it comes to candy (I’ll take a fruity candy or chocolate over mint any day), but clearly these marshmallows were not meant to stand alone.  They were meant to dissolve in a steaming bath of hot chocolate.  They were meant to make a minty creamy layer that I would slowly sip off the top of the mug.  I was meant to do Insanity so that I could drink two mugs of peppermint hot chocolate and eat an additional three marshmallows guilt-free.

I love the balance I find in my life.

So instead of writing out all the instructions for you, I’m just gonna send you straight to last year’s marshmallow post.  Last year I made vanilla and chocolate marshmallows, which were equally as delicious in hot chocolate and slightly more delicious eaten on their own (dangerously so, in fact).

The only difference for making peppermint is to swap peppermint extract for the vanilla, don’t add chocolate chips, and swirl a bit of red food coloring in right at the end.  Dust them with a mixture of cornstarch and confectioners’ sugar (I did a 1:2 ratio cornstarch to confectioners’). Everything else is the same!

Go here to check out how to make these bad boys.

And–I promise–making marshmallows is actually really easy, but it looks impressive and they actually taste great.  What’s that I just heard?  Oh yes!  The Christmas homemade gift trifecta!  Easy, impressive, good.

Check, check, and check.

(Also–I just realized that last year I used the same background for the marshmallows in one or two of the pictures.  Predictable, much?).

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  1. lexy

    The marshmallows look super delicious, and so pretty!

  2. Susan

    Yum … all that pink and blue and bright light … I must be going into a sugar coma… honstly, though, can’t imagine a more Christmasy cuppa cocoa!

  3. Patricia | The Answer Is Cake

    What a lovely cup!

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