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Happy (Second) Thanksgiving!

That’s right–tonight is second Thanksgiving.  Meaning this is the second year in a row I’ve convinced my dad to make a turkey a few nights after the original Thanksgiving so that my sisters and I can have more leftovers to take home when we return to our respective cities.

It’s the best thing ever.

Second Thanksgiving > first Thanksgiving: less stress and more plain ol’ enjoyment.  Though first Thanksgiving is pretty great, too.

We’ve been playing some holiday music, snow started to fall, and we picked up the family Christmas tree today–though we have yet to actually install it in the living room and decorate it.  It’s so nice being home and visiting family.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there will be no food in this post.  Sorry!

I have also been doing really well sticking to the Insanity Asylum workout, skipping one day (the day I went to work and then we drove seven hours to Syracuse), and most likely skipping tomorrow (driving back to Long Island).  My sister Kristen has done the last few workouts with me, and it’s so nice to have her as a motivator/soreness empathizer.  I was as sore as heck the first week, but my body seems to have adjusted to it by now.

Though I’ll admit I had to pause the “vertical plyometrics” workout twice so I could get my heart rate down to a level where I didn’t fear for my life.

Here’s some pictures from this year’s tree selection.  Fritz and I:

My sister Kristen and her friend Allison, both in their first year of vet school at Cornell (smarties):

Allison (a California girl) in the snow:

My youngest sister Jordi–powerful lionness (you shall not pass!).


We love each other.

Gilly is Kristen’s adorable puppy:


Kristen and her boyfriend Brian:

Mom and Dad:

Kristen, again:

I would have loved if my other sister, Erin, could be here too–with her husband Bruce and my favorite niece of all time, Liana.  Miss them.

Time for second Thanksgiving!

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  1. Florence

    Your family is really beautiful, but Henry must be jealous not to be here,no?Have a nice day.

  2. Nuts about food

    Love the pictures with the snow! Beautiful

  3. Jess

    I did two Thanksgivings also, Friendsgiving the Sunday before and then the real deal with the family. Love this post—the photos with the snow are gorgeous!

    PS—I just nominated you for Liebster award : )

  4. SSandiandiSS

    We (I) always have to cook another turkey and a few sides when we get home, because yes the hubby requires leftovers, lol.

  5. ErinEEriErin Wood

    Wish we could’ve been there, too! Missed you even more than we normally do, but were grateful to find family in friends around here. I’ve gotta remember to tell you about our Mexican Thanksgiving! Love you, sister!! xoxo

    1. ErinErinEEriErin Wood

      Bahaha – love my name here! For some reason, when I type into the “Name” and “Email” fields on my browser, I can’t see anything, but I eventually figured out that it was, indeed, recording text. That is the result of my semi-confused attempts to enter my name. Made me laugh out loud. :)

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