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Whiskey Sours

I made Fritz laugh–nay, guffaw–when I soberly informed him that I drank an awful lot of whiskey sours while he was gone.  Two weeks is a long time, and a girl may need to celebrate her graduation, or her cat’s birthday, or Monday turning into Tuesday, or…you know.  Celebrating all the good stuff to keep minimized the fact that your husband has been away for three out of the four weeks that constitute June.

Not my usual drink of choice at parties (ew, sour mix), but super easy to make from scratch–and surprisingly delicious to sip when lonely on the eastern front.

All you need is whiskey (duh), lemons, ice, and a sweetener of your choice.  I used honey once (delicious but kind of difficult to mix into the cold liquids), agave syrup (equally as delicious, easier to mix), and simple syrup (had to make, so more difficult, but tasted lovely).

The winner in my book was agave–I used the light (in color and taste, not calories) kind.

Whiskey Sours (two small drinks–or one substantial cocktail)

  • 2 oz whiskey
  • juice of one lemon (about 1/4 C)
  • 2 t agave syrup or honey (or an ounce simple syrup–this will water the whiskey down a bit more)
  • ice
Combine the whiskey (which auto-correct keeps changing to “whimsey” in an attempt to prove that it knows me better than I know myself–“Whiskey? You? As if! I think you meant a nice glass of whimsey, my friend!”), lemon juice, and agave into a shaker and shake (good guess!) it until combined.  Strain into a whiskey sour glass over ice.
Yeah. In some places in this wild and weird country, people own designated whiskey sour glasses.  If that’s not you, then feel free to substitute in whatever glass you feel suits the situation appropriately.  If it is you, please mail me some of your extra glasses.
I found this glass worked best:
It was my grandmother’s, and I feel she would appreciate the message (and the whiskey).
Today I had orientation for work (the per diem position in the same job I’ve been working in for free at school the last three months), and tomorrow is my first day getting paid to be a PT!  I’m excited to:
  • sign my name with “DPT” at the end (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and not “SPT” (Student of Physical Therapy);
  • mentally calculate how much more money I’m making every hour that I’m there; and
  • mentally recalculate how much money…

You get it.  It’s exciting to get paid–especially with our trip to South Africa rapidly approaching and our monetary funds rapidly diminishing. It will be sad to leave this nosey beast with my parents for three weeks, though:

Speaking of Henry, he was so excited to see Fritz again after two weeks.  When he heard and saw Fritz come into our bedroom, he meowed at approximately 3,983 dB and did a backflip off the bed to see him.  It was the fastest I’ve seen him move since Fritz left, and firmly cemented in my mind that though I may be the one he listens to in this  family, I am certainly not the one he would chose to live with if we were to ever get divorced.

Oh, Henry.

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  1. Christine

    Ha! Your Whisky Sour glass made me laugh out loud! I also laughed out loud this morning when Good Morning America advertised the up and coming hair trend….Bangs! My daughter asked me yesterday if she should cut her hair and have bangs again. I had to show her your blog post about cutting your hair. Your blog has become a source of whimsy with me and my girls. Thanks for the laughs (and recipes.)

  2. Katie

    I adore whiskey sours. They’ve been ‘my’ drink since college.

  3. Christina

    My mother always told me to never drink alone! I do rather like a good glass of wine when Jesse is away though – but a whiskey? That sounds much more fun! I too giggled at your whiskey glass.

  4. Sandi

    I think that had you been gone for 2 weeks, Henry would have been equally excited to hear/see you come in. I’m sure of it.

    I’m glad he’s staying with your folks instead of a boarding place or having a friend come in to pet and feed him. When my DH went to AZ to help my snowbird mom pack and drive home to WA for the summer, she got horribly ill the night before they were to leave. After several days in the hospital, they called and told sis and I she wasn’t going to make it (they were wrong), and we flew down immediately. By the time my DH picked us up at the airport 18 hours after the call, she was awake, and MAD. We of course were thrilled. She had to be Medivaced home and DH and I stayed do more packing since it was obvious she’d never make it back to AZ. By the time we got home, DH had been gone for a month and me for 2 weeks. Our little girl was a mess. Dirty, crying, hiding, wouldn’t eat. I called the vet in a panic. He told me she was grieving because she thought we were never coming back. I have never felt like such a failure as a human being in my life. We don’t have family the furkids can stay with, but when we go anywhere now, even overnight, a good friend they know and like a lot comes and stays so they have an onsite cat slave to cater to them and assure them we’re coming back. She spoils them rotten with treats and new toys and they sleep with her, lol. Sometimes I’m not sure they miss us at all (just kidding).

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      We once left Henry home alone for ten days (with an automatic feeder and a friend checking in) and he was so disheveled and clingy when we came back–once we realized how stressful it was for him, we’d really prefer to do it another way. Going to my parent’s house is still stressful (they have a dog, and he’s pretty much banished to the basement) but he gets more lovin’ from my mom and sisters than he would being boarded!

  5. Charlene Austin

    I LOVE Whisky Sours. Almost as much as I love my Green Smoothies!

    I had to share with you the Whisky Sour Kit I made as a gift for a Secret Santa gift in December. It was a hit.

  6. Nikki

    I’m a brand-new follower and I’ve already fallen into blogger love with you! You had me hooked at your smoothie recipes and your cats (especially your cats!!), but when I clicked on your other recipes and found my all-time favorite drink – a whiskey sour! – I was hooked for life! Thanks for such an awesome blog! (On a side note, my husband’s family is from the Rochester, NY area. They spent most of their lives in Sodus, NY and Lyndonville, NY, but they spent time in Rochester, NY too!)

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      So glad to have you! I love a whiskey sour and I DEFINITELY love cats :) I love seeing what a small world it is!

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