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Maple Glazed Pork Roast

Hello.  It’s been a few days.

Fritz’s sister Eber is here visiting, so blogging had to take a back seat for a couple of days while we caught up on life, love and other mysteries.  But now we are back on track.

Most importantly–FRITZ IS BACK!

His oral presentation went really well, and he also came back with a little farmer’s tan and a Sonicare toothbrush that he won for me.  I’m so proud that he did all that extra work and is now jumping right back into study-mode (he has a test tomorrow and Wednesday).

Unlike me.  Now that midterms are over I need at least a week’s break before I can even start thinking about that.  So instead, I’ve been cooking.

Maple Glazed Pork Roast

  • Pork tenderloin roast (2-3 lbs)
  • 1/4 C maple syrup
  • 1/2 t cinnamon
  • 1/4 t cloves
  • 1/8 t cayenne pepper
  • salt and pepper to taste

Using kitchen twine, tie the roast into a more uniform shape so it cooks evenly, like so:

I finally remembered to get kitchen twine last time I was in the grocery store.  It’s useful for so many things.

Cover the roast loosely with plastic wrap and let it sit for a half hour or so to allow it to come up a little closer to room temperature.  Don’t allow your cat to go near it.

When it’s ready, heat up a teaspoon of canola oil in a saucepan and sear all sides of the roast until brown over medium-high heat.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.  Place the roast on the middle rack and cook for about 45-50 minutes, until it is a beautiful deep brown and feels firm (but not too firm!) to the touch. 

My meat thermometer is broken, so I’ve moved on to more holistic and alternative methods of cooking.  Meanwhile, put together the glaze by mixing the spices and maple syrup together.

Take the pork roast out from the oven and glaze away:

Return to the oven and cook for another fifteen minutes, until the glaze thickens and bubbles around the roast.  It is gorgeous (and it smells amazing!).

What a beauty, right?


We all really enjoyed this glaze.  The cayenne pepper gives it a little spice that makes the flavor a bit more complex, but it doesn’t taste “hot” by any means.  I really think it was just perfect all around, and (most importantly) very easy.  I love when a recipe has an ingredient list that is short and found in most kitchens.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the beautiful weather we’ve been having–and I’m sorry if you received an email about this post before it was completed.  I started Skyping Fritz’s parents and got all out of whack.

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  1. Recipe Chefs

    I love food, and I really enjoy reading your blog very much thank you for sharing this post. Feel free to check out our recipes

    Recipe Chefs

  2. Tracey

    This pork is really really ridiculously good. I’m making it for a second time tomorrow and can’t wait to eat it again. So easy to make!!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      Glad you like it! The glaze is just so yummy :)

  3. Elena

    Wow! This looks great! I’m definitely bookmarking this so that we can make this very soon! It looks like it would be great for a family gathering rather than a regular nightly dinner. Thanks for posting!

  4. John

    I rarely leave comments on recipes, but have to say this recipe is fantastic. The flavours from the marinade compliment the meat completely. The quantities, cooking time and process are all spot on. The whole family thoroughly enjoyed it.
    As an add’ for the gravy try removing the burnt pieces of maple syrup and make gravy in the usual way with flour, a drop of dry sherry and some pork stock. Reduce down to a thick sauce and serve. The flavour of the pork, sherry and maple syrup really add.
    So pleased to have found this recipe, thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      glad you liked it! now that it’s cooling down a bit, I may have to break this recipe out again!

  5. Tabitha

    This sounds so yummy! I am making it tonight! I have been looking for a maple pork roast for my fall parties! :)

  6. JK

    Thanks! I’ve made this recipe for years but could not find the CI magazine after moving. Their recipe added whole star anise, which I broke up then used a mortar and pestle. You can’t have too much syrup, just make sure you get at least B grade. I roll it about every 15 minutes and use a thermometer with a reader outside of the oven. Usually take it out at 150 to rest, keep an eye on it. Best temp for pork is really about 155-160 depending on thickness, based on a loin not a tenderloin.

  7. Rilla Theresa

    I cook dinner for my boyfriend once a week (and he reciprocates for me and my son once a week.) When I said I was planning on maple glazed pork chops for tomorrow night’s dinner, he mentioned he also liked maple glazed pork roast… Your recipe looks like the most promising so I’m going to give it a shot and see what “my guys” think. Granted, my son is nearly 17 and has never been known to turn down food of any kind. I only hope my attempt turns out as lovely as your finished product.

  8. mafemani

    Enjoyed it.

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      Glad to hear it.

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